August Newsletter

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August Newsletter

Welcome to our August Newsletter!

This month we share exciting company news, and some incredible research news that will be of interest to anyone dealing with chronic pain.

Firstly, we are so pleased to confirm, and celebrate (see below), that CBD and You are now the official Distribution partner for CBD Living for the UK, which can only help ensure that the fastest growing CBD brand in the US, remains available to our lovely customers.

This month saw publication of some frankly incredible findings, published by the Karolinska Institutet (one of the world's foremost medical universities and Sweden's single largest centre of medical academic research), which identified a previously unknown sensory organ, found in our skin, and thought ground-breaking to understanding how our bodies process localised pain signals.

The article summary (with link to the clinical paper) is linked below for you, and yet again, demonstrates that we are still learning about how our bodies sense, react and regulate pain levels.

Finally, to celebrate our new Distribution status and to encourage exploration of CBD Living’s product range, we are offering a huge 30% off CBD Living’s lovely CBD product range between now and the end of this month!

Simply use ‘CBL30’ at checkout, to stock up, or to treat somebody you care about to CBD Living’s ever popular CBD product range;

CBD Living Collection

Link to Karolinska Institutet article here.

That's it for this month and thank you everyone for your custom and interest. Oh, and more news on new #CBDcommunity events soon!

Kind regards,

The CBD and You Team

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