June Newsletter

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June Newsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter!

Interest in CBD increases every month and it's truly inspiring to hear about your experiences taking CBD. It's why we started the business and it is also incredibly useful for others whether through internet reviews, or face to face at our Hampstead events and we thank you so much for taking time to do either.

Our 'meet the community' event will be on Thurs 27th June where you can meet others considering, or already taking CBD, share your thoughts and experiences and also sample CBD products. One of the founders of CBD and You, the very friendly Andy, will be there to answer any questions you might have. For more information on the event, just drop us a line at info@cbdandyou.org.

We introduced several new products from the ever popular CBD Living range you might like to check out; CBD Living Syrups, CBD Living Topical Patches and CBD Living Lozenges. All convenient and effective alternatives for taking CBD, should CBD oil not be your preferrence.

In other news, this month sees the launch of our loyalty cards which give points for every purchase made in store, so please remember to ask for yours next time you are in Hampstead. We would like to provide this same offer for online purchases and will provide an update on that once we have it all working alongside our Affiliate Offers discounts.

That's it for now! Enjoy the sun and be well!

All the best.

The CBD and You Team

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