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All of our products are tried and tested and diligently sourced. We work with producers, many from the more mature US market, to assemble for you what we believe is the best product range available in the UK. Naturally using organic, non-GMO, presticide free hemp.

Explore our range, curated for quality, and please do contact us, or visit our Hampstead Boutique, to discover more about the benefits of high quality cannabidiol and full spectrum cannabinoid products.


I have been using CBD to help control chronic period pains – so far it has been amazing. I have stopped using every other form of pain killer and just use CBD now.

Victoria, age 35, Secretary

I had a back injury from years of playing sports. I have used CBD for a couple of years now and it really does help me to address the pain and also helps me to alleviate some anxiety.

Abdul.E age 40, Company Director

I use CBD to help with my anxiety and use the gummies on long public transport journeys when I cannot use my (CBD) vape which helps to take the edge off.  CBD has massively helped to reduce my anxiety and even helps to get a better night’s sleep.

Sara.G, age 26, Shop Manager

I was skeptical at first, but after one of my teammates in our football team told me he used a product to help recovery after games I decided to give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised. I now have recommended it to family and have explored other types of products that not only help recovery from training but also aid my sleep and skin.

William.F age 32, Marketing Executive

Never been a great sleeper. A friend recommended vaping CBD an hour before bed and it’s worked. It now feels like I've had a solid sleep.

Simon.B, age 39, Operations Consultant

I like to put good things into my body as I believe in prevention rather than cure and feel CBD helps to keep my body and mind healthy.

Adam.W age 30, Programmer

I use CBD for trouble with sleeping. For the first time in years I have been able to get consistent nights sleep. Highly recommended.

David.D, age 64, Retired

I had a sore neck that I kept taking painkillers for. A friend recommended the Lord Jones CBD Lotion and it works wonders! I use it as a daily routine now and not just for my neck.

Justine.A age 48, Stewardess


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